Heated Love Inside The Train Toilet

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Its Dev here…I do read this amazing site whenever I get time and I appreciate all for making it so popular. Especially to the people behind it…You guys doing an amazing job. The fantastic thing is the people who comment and send you feedback about the stories you post. I have posted few incidents of mine and I got some amazing friends with whom I can openly discuss my thoughts and feelings regarding sex. All do have their own fantasies and dreams and we do control it. However ISS gives the opportunity to know the people of your mentality and its so cool to be in touch.

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About me I am Dev, 30 yrs…Well built and would love to talk. I I work in a reputed firm and working in Bangalore. I travel all over south

This incident happened recently while I traveled from Bangalore to Cochin in 3rd AC Train during evening. I never expected it should be a hot affair when I boarded the train as I always get men or old couples as my co-passengers every time I travel.

When I boarded it I found some girls around and it was so nice to see some pretty faces around when you have to spend few hours in train. The one I suddenly got attracted one was one modern looked girl in a jeans and t shirts carrying two bags. Her name was Sam. She looked to have an amazing figure and well rounded 36 size big boobs and a great ass which all would like to love. So, when train started I really wanted to talk. However, nowadays people do spend time with their mobile rather than talk to others and all got busy with their mobiles.

As the proverb says..Luck favors the brave. I tried to initiate a talk, but she didn’t look interested. So I gave up the hopes as she gave such a face that she doesn’t look south Indians. She went to change to washroom and came back in some night dress which was so amazing.She wore a night dress which showed her assets so clearly and I was like “Oh God” she is making me crazy here.

After returned for a moment she thought something and she ran to the washroom saying “I forgot my mobile inside” I was on phone that time and I heard it.. I love to help others all possible ways, So I went to the direction she ran. I found her standing outside the door. I asked what happened, she said, she forgot the phone inside and somebody is inside and she was banging on the door. I also knocked the door however, nobody opened it.

We waited for few minutes, in between some people where passing us and we got some touches in between. She was almost crying saying it may fall down. As the door was not opened for few minutes, I pushed it and it was opened and I found nobody inside. I found her mobile fallen to the toilet from the soap box and hadn’t I opened now, it would have fallen inside the toilet and gone forever. Sam said thanks and she was so happy to get it back and we returned to the seat.

Now she opened up herself and started to ask my details like where I work and where I am going. She said she is from Mumbai and going to Coimbatore to see her relatives. Train reaches around 4 am @ Coimbatore and they will come to pick up her. We started talking sitting close and she showed her MNC site, official videos and while in between her hand were touching my chest and thighs and sometimes my fingers brushed her thighs..boobs etc. It was casual touches, however the chemistry was working out well and we are getting closer. I had some books and we exchanged each others and we became friends fast.

Finally after dinner, she said she wants to sleep and I should put an alarm and wake her up @ 3:30 as she had to get down at Coimbatore. I said fine and she said she normally doesn’t like south Indians guyz but you are so different and I would love to be in touch with you.I said you are most welcome and she took my number and after dinner she went inside her blankets as AC was so cool inside the train.

I was happy as I got a new friend and would like to be in touch with her. Lights where off and I was going through the mobile and suddenly she messaged me on whatsup saying “thanks for your time and friendship. If you weren’t there my this journey would have been so terrible as I would have lost my mobile too which is pretty new.

I said its my pleasure to help you and always ready to help others. So she asked my personal details like family and I said I am single as I had a divorce.

Then she said sorry and started to ask the details about it. So I said the general reply and she was curious to know the details and she asked “whether you had physical relation with your ex-wife” I said the details and she further asked if physical relationship was there how people separate as people get so close after that etc etc. I said nowadays physical relationship can happen with anybody as society has changed and people do hook up even with strangers. She said..she knew such things but never happened in her life. I replied saying if two people are close and interested and attracted in each other it can happen and as long as both believe its not a sin, its not a sin and it would be so interesting.

She asked if I had any such experience, I said till now I didn’t have. However, if I ever get an opportunity I would never miss it. Her talks made me hot and my 6.5 inch guy was already on a rise and I felt she is turning on the heat here and something can happen in between us.

She again asked do you have any gf now . I said I don’t have. She said you look fit and smart and you should try and you would get girls attracted to you. I was happy to here it and I felt she is coming to it. I said, you are such a beautiful girl and all men would love to have you as gf. She said thanks and I said I would love to have a girl like you as my girlfriend as you have a great shape and have good assets. She laughed at it and said would be in touch…

I said I would be so happy if we can be friends and would love to meet in future as we have same wavelength in the thoughts. She said she cant sleep as she may fall asleep and she will miss the station. I said I am here and I will wake you up if you want to sleep. She said she wants to go to washroom and she climbed down from top berth.

I was in the middle seat and I looked around and found all were sleeping. She came to my seat while going to washroom and said “thanks” so close to my face. Her nostrils were so close to me and lips was almost touching mine. I couldn’t control anymore and I went ahead and planted a kiss on her lips and she kissed back and moved to washroom. I was stuck for a moment and didn’t know what to do…

I slowly got down from my seat and moved towards the toilet. She was standing there and saw me coming close and went inside and slowly closed the door, I stood in front of the toilet door and slowly knocked and gave a gentle push. I was in as it was closed. She said in my ears that “You turned me on”.

I just brought her so close and we had a deep kiss and I was pressing her ass with one hand while we were eating each others lips. She was such a good kisser and almost eaten my lips. My guy grown so big and it was hitting her pussy while we were kissing each other.

She opened my zip with her right hand while we were standing against the door and kissing. She took him out and started to stroke him and I put my hands inside her panties and pulled down the leggings.

She bent down and took my guy in her mouth and started to give me a blow job. She was such a great kisser and took my rod fully inside. She loved my red cherry and was eating it in between and sucked it like a lollypop. I couldn’t control anymore and I pulled her head so close and almost fucked in her mouth and a huge load of cum came out and she drank a few and spat out rest.

I pulled down her panties and kissed her pussy while my hands on her boobs. I sucked her pussy and she was vibrating and pressing my head so close to her pussy which was so wet and shaved. I ate her pussy in a such a way that she couldn’t control anymore and she had a heavy vibration of body and followed with an orgasm. Her love juices were inside my mouth which was bit salty.

She was shivering and I was again ready for a go and really wanted to put my guy inside. She said, not now, We will do later, its not safe and very risky. I said okay as you wish,…We opened the door slowly and looked around I came out first and nobody was so close and she followed me and we got into our respective births.

We started texting about the incident and she said she loved it and would like to make it complete soon. I said I am ready anytime and we explained things and fantasized our meeting and we were wet again, She told me to masturbate and I masturbated and she was seeing it on her mobile light and she showed me fingering while the same.

It was a great journey which I can never forget. She got down @ Coimbatore and waved a goodbye. We will decide we would meet soon.

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