Me And My Brother’s Hot Daughter

Hi guys n girls, I’m punjabi aged 35 obviously from punjab and its my real life story. I always wondered that does all this happen in real life. But God it does, and its really a wonderful experience to have my love angel always caring me and loving me and can do anything to please me an vise versa. i’m not a writer but i always wanted to submitt my story so i was alone n thought let’s do it.

Its a story about my real brother’s daughter and me. She is having the most beautiful tits in the world. Being her my cousin daughter i was always attracted to her, when she was a child i had my pure fatherly love with her and she also loved being around me.
As the days passed she grew up n her assets become more attractive n wonderful. That time she was about 19 when all this happen. She lived in Delhi and use to come occasionally. During her visits she become more close to me.

First i had no such intentions for her, It started when once she came to our house. It was winter n i was sitting in the quilt, she came fast n get into the quilt with me n she was shivering n she hold my hand n put it in-between her legs.
Being a man i got a hard on, I tried my best that she don’t find my situation. but she started rubbing my hand on her thighs. man it was cold out side but i was burning like hell. Only i knw how i passed that time. Then it become more often that she do these things often when she is close to me. I don’t know if all this was intentionally or in innocence.

And i was so much into her that i started imagining her and masturbating. She grew into a beautiful n lovely angel came from above with every beauty in her. she got beautiful round 34 tits n a lovely round ass. she used to wear shorts or skirts while home.
Her firm legs n wheatish round thighs can make anyone’s dick go rock hard.

One day i was alone in my house n was in my bed laying n i just woke up in the morning. she came to me n hugged me n sat on a bed side, and put her head on my chest n looked in my eyes.
I tried to suppress my feelings for her n take those thoughts out of my mind n tried to see her like a daughter n i kissed her very gently on her fore head n wish her a very happy good morning. n then she in-turn kissed me on my cheeks. I then in-turn kissed on her cheeks. Her next kiss was close to my lips n i kissed her the same way.

Doing all this my dick was like a Thor hammer who can drill anything, and the bridge i made in my thoughts to prevent my feelings to come out ,started breaking up.
I then kissed her n she kissed on my lips, oh GOd, I was like paralysed, but her kiss was so love filled n i understand her love for me n i kissed her lips too. she put her lips to my lips n lay there on my chest witout saying anything. our breath was exchanging n i was going wild.
I then controlled myself and i told her that i want to say something to her. She said yes say it, but i was afraid that what if she got angry n told anybody, It will be a big issue. then i took a promise from her, She smiled and said that she will not tell anything to anybody n she loves me so much that i can say anything to her.
i then told her about my feelings to her, how i’m getting excited by her touch. She said that it happens and she don’t mind and she expressed er love for me that relationship is if there is love in it and all other relations are fake. she said she loves me so much that she is all mine. i was really so happy n felt so good seeing her love for me. She stared at me n i took her in my arms n put my lips on her lips.

That was some other kiss that takes you to somewhere else and then she responded well n we smooched for about five minutes. My hand started searching my way to her tits, I put my one hand under her t-shirt n took it slowly to her tits , and when it touched her boob line from underside.
My moan came out n she moaned too. I pressed her one boob n then another she was kissing me n moaning in between . My dick was out of control n i took her t-shirt up n took her one boob out of her bra n lick her nipple. when i touched her with my wet tongue she curved her back n her boobs came out more. I licked her nipples one by one n then started sucking them. She was like in a new world, it was her first experience .

Then i took her one hand and put it on my dick n i was so excited that time that by her single touch i started shooting cum so hardly n my body shivered. All my shorts where drenched in cum and she didn’t know what happened, then she made her t-shirt look good n said she is going back home.
I felt so sad by listening that, I insisted her not to go , but she said if it had happened before she would have said something to her parents n stayed back but now it will not be possible n all will ask why suddenly i said to stay back. I was like crying, my love for her was not accepting that she is going, she was also so sad that her eyes were wet.

She hugged me tightly n gave me a sweet kiss on my lips n ran clearing her tears from her cheeks. i was left behind in my bed , so sad n so incomplete.
She than called me after she reached home and said it was her dream to be with me n I am her dream man and a perfect n most loving person on this earth. I felt her love for me and i was love her more than sexual desires. Till now we r in a beautiful relation with every possible things a couple can do. we love each other n fuck well. We had so many sexual sessions till now
And i’ll tell you friends in my next story if i get positive response from you and will tell u my name n everything you want to know. My e-mail id is [email protected] .com. If any lady or girl want to experience a new world of sex just write me an e-mail or kick me intengible01 especially girls or ladies from punjab n delhi n it will be a lifetime secret. Thanks a lot n i want to tell u its my true experience n if anyone don’t trust then mere lun te wajo.


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