Lucky connection – She is my cousin sister! – Part 1

She is my cousin sister! - Part 1

Well, this is a story about how two people chatting anonymously on a sex chatting group became friends. After getting close, when they reveal their identity it turns out that they are real cousins. This happened between me (Raaj) and my cousin sister Revati.

I am 27 years old. I am currently working in a private company. I live alone and my cousin sister, who is 26 years old is married and staying with her husband.

I’m 5.8 in height, average built with dusky brown complexion, and my cousin sister is whitish complexion 5.5 in height and beautiful like normal Indian lady. She got married 4 years ago and settled with her husband. In past, she didn’t have any relationships with anyone. She is friendly but a bit conservative.

To start the story, I guess around one and half years ago I got introduced to an app where there are thousands of sex chat groups. People speak whatever they want in these groups as they can maintain themselves as anonymous. I found an interesting group named ‘Desperate dicks and Progressive Pussies’ which I immediately. In the group, people mostly speak about incest, 3sm, cuckold, and gangbang.

After joining, I saw an interesting post stating ‘Looking for a sperm donor – The guy should be 5.8 in height, hygienic with slightly brown color complexion.’ First I thought some asshole is playing in the group.

Moreover, As and when this message appears as usual some bunch of desperate guys would post their dick pics and say like come and spread your legs baby I am cumming or I will not only fill your pussy I will also fill your mouth or first you be my bitch and then you will get my sperms. Most of the people were either scolding or trolling this post.

Even after frequent trolling, this message use to appear usually in the afternoon so after a few days, people stopped replying to the message only. One day I was free in the afternoon so I pinged the person in a secret personal chat and said ‘Heyyy buddy, you need to stop spamming the group like this. I’m sure that no women will come to these kinds of groups and look for a sperm donor.’

I got a reply after a few minutes stating ‘Thank you for your concern but for your kind information I am not spamming the group chats like you people by posting the dick pics.’

Me – hold on I never posted any of my dick pics.

First I thought the person could be playing or could be gay but somewhere I felt what if it is a real lady or a cuckold husband. Then I replied stating ‘Sorry if I have hurt you. If you’re so genuinely looking why can’t you contact the doctor there are lots of sperms banks.’

Immediately I got a reply stating ‘It’s not so easy as you say… also it is very expensive…’

Me – Asl? For real?

Person – 26 F Bangalore

Me – Stop kidding me! Really?

Person – No I’m not… I am genuinely looking for a sperm donor.

I was still in a dilemma that if I’m being played by a guy. But after thinking a bit, I decided what am I going to lose anyway and pinged again as I was getting bored too.

After a few minutes,

Me – you still there?

Got a reply after 15 minutes

Person – Yes

Me – Why are you looking for a sperm donor?

Person – I don’t have time to speak rubbish, reply only if you match my requirements.

I scrolled above saw the message and replied ‘Yes’

By this time I was thinking it could be a woman. So I change from person to She.

Me – Are you really 26 f?

She – I’m going to block you if you ask me again.

Me – ok ok sorry… please forgive me, my lady.

She – it’s ok… I get these kinds of messages every day.

Me – Why are you looking for a sperm donor?

She – I have been married for more than two years but still no sign of pregnancy so everyone started talking about this matter that I’m incapable of getting pregnant and suggested both me and my husband get tested. I got it done along with my hubby. In the report we got to know that the issue is with my hubby, doctor has given some medications to him and also told us to keep trying. We told about this to my mother in law but she scolded me back saying that I’m telling lies, later she accepted by seeing the report. And requested me not to reveal this to anyone as her family and her son’s social prestige will be spoiled. They are thinking that the medication will cure everything but the doctor said it is 50: 50 chances. So considering my condition I can’t take chances. If I don’t get a pregnant end of the day everyone will only blame me. I can’t share this with anyone also. Now I am getting too much pressure from everyone in the family also. Even from my parents.

Me – I’m really sorry for hurting you earlier.

She – It’s ok. Getting hurt has become routine for me. No one is trusting me here in the group and no one is understanding me in my family.

Me – hey don’t be sad everything will be fine. But why are you looking for a person to donate sperms in these kinds of groups?

She – I just want to keep it secret so I am looking for a stranger who is trustworthy.

Me – okay.

She – You said you will match my requirements right?

Me – yes

She – ok then send me your pictures.

Me – I shared a faceless pic.

She – you seem decent. I have some conditions if you want us to take it to next level. First, you need to meet me in person then if you match my requirements then you need to undergo some tests.

Me – ok.

She – I can’t cheat my hubby in real. But I am doing this to just get pregnant. You can’t expect anything more from me.

Me – ok, I will help you. How can I trust you?

She – I will meet you in person then you can come up with your questions. Are you ok to meet me tomorrow? I can only meet in the afternoon too on weekdays only.

Me – ok I will take leave tomorrow and meet you. But how to recognize you?

She – I will message you when I reach the place. Meet me tomorrow at 3 pm in the coffee shop on the ground floor in Phoenix mall.

Me – can I get your number?

She – No I will give any other details only after meeting you.

Me – ok will meet tomorrow.

I fantasize about the lady and masturbated at the night.

The next day morning I reached the mall by 2:45 pm. As I reached early so I went to the washroom to freshen up. Meanwhile, I got a message from her on the app stating I’m waiting for you at the coffee shop.

Me – how to recognize you?

She – I’m wearing a yellow color salwar and waiting at the third table.

Me – ok I am wearing a white T-shirt with blue jeans. I am wearing a blue color cap too.

She – ok, come fast I have to return home by 4:45 pm.

Me – sure, will be there in a minute.

I rushed towards the coffee shop and saw the lady wearing yellow salwar looking at the entrance of the mall. As I went to the washroom I was looking at her from behind. She had an awesome figure. By keenly looking at her back I walked closer to her and said ‘Excuse me’

She said yes and turned towards me.

Oh my oh my Revati!!! what are you doing here? I asked.

What are you doing here? She asked me back.

Both were embarrassed as both knew what is happening…

I couldn’t utter a word for a minute. After taking a deep breath I asked can I sit?

Her eyes were already filled and she was about to cry.

Revathi, it’s ok your secret is good with me. You can trust me.

She started crying and said what I wanted not to happen itself is happening I tried a lot to keep it secret but I ended up with you that too you are my own cousin brother.

I wiped her tears and said I am still a stranger if you want to treat me like that don’t have to worry about your secret.

She looked into my eyes and asked ‘you sure’

I nodded.


I wiped her tears, bend closer to her, and hugged her, her boobs touched my chest, suddenly those boobs images hit my mind.

She haves a glass of water and she was thinking about something. As per me, I think she thought ‘ Why don’t I ask my cousin brother only to impregnate me. After all, he usually cares a lot. Moreover, I can trust more than a stranger.

Suddenly she breaks her silence and asks – what do you say?

Me – I can’t understand you sister,

She – about impregnating me

Me – I am really sorry, I can’t keep my promise. I thought of you as a stranger earlier.

She – again her eyes were filled and said.. are you kidding me?

Meanwhile, I am looking at her beauty in her salwar, her exposed neck, and her boobs from the front view.

Me – do you think still I can help you is it. Tell me how I would really help u. After knowing you as my cousin sister.

Revati – Looks into my eyes and said…if you yourself make me pregnant then I will not have any trust issues. Moreover, you match my requirements too. If I get pregnant from you no one will ever make out.

I was a little shocked and same time I am excited to hear cousin sis’s words. I just started imagining and fucking my cousin sister in my fantasy world.

Me – are you serious? You know what you are talking right?

Revati – I know… You tell me if there is any other option is there that I could get what I want? If I don’t get pregnant my marriage life will be spoiled for sure.

Then she started crying again.

Me – I really can’t do this…Sorry… it is incest.

Revati – then get anyone of your friend and ask them to get me pregnant.

Me – nooooo… I can’t let anyone touch you… what happened to you… you were so conservative earlier!!!

Revati – I don’t have time to speak rubbish…you shut your bloody mouth and fuck your cousin sister to get impregnate… after all, I’m not your real sister… though I happened to be your sister in a relationship.

I am kind of shocked again to hear f words from my conservative cousin sister.

She vaguely looks at me and says – Moreover, don’t act like you are very decent. Just remember where we met. I have seen your emojis reply for lots of incest posts. I have even seen you saying you like to experience 3sm, gangbang, and group fun also.

Me – that is on just chat…this is in real…I need some time to think about this.

Revati – Your cousin sister’s life is in your hand… It’s left to you…

I hope you will not disappoint me.

She said this and left saying she need to be back before her husband comes home.

Later in the night, she drops me a message stating what have you decided?

I don’t reply to her for 5 mins. Just in that time she got angry and put her as usual message looking for a sperm donor in the group chat.

I suddenly reply her stating ‘If you really want this then I am in’

She sends lots of emojis and says I love my brother. You are my savior.

I will not disappoint you my brother😏

The story will continue in the next part as it became a little lengthy. In the next part, I will tell you how I fucked my cousin’s sister for the first time.

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