An inbreeding family – 2

An inbreeding family - 2


Ranjali is again ready to announce the second game. As the game is between real couples Ranjali should be replaced by anyone. With her directions, I joined Sumana and Sahana to host the game. As the pairing is between real couples there is no question of additional pairing.

Three pairs became ready to play and the coin was tossed to decide the opponents.
The game is about one verse one cum shooting game. The female partner should do anything to opposite male partner to cum early.

Whoever holds the cum for a long time become the winner. The first game is fixed between Dad-Mom verses Uncle-Aunty. Bro-Ranju got byes to the finals. I didn’t agree with this and argued with them, so the family came to a decision that I should play with Shobha against Bro-Ranju.

As ours was the second game we got the time to rest. The first round begins in which Dad stood in front of Lakshmi aunty and Mom kneel down in front of her brother. When Sumana rang the first bell both the ladies opened the shorts and take the cocks in hand. They start giving handjob with their possible efforts.

Both men try to hold their cum with closed eyes and become successful up to the next bell rings. After the second bell, Lakshmi aunty takes dad’s cock in mouth and started sucking and as the same Mom takes uncle’s cock in mouth. Uncle didn’t tolerate mom’s heat for a long time and hence leaked his load fully into mom’s mouth. Sahana rang the bell and announced that Dad-Mom has gone to finals.

It was our turn to participate. Shobha kneels down in front of Bro and Ranjali sat before me. Her look and smile were so hot that I feared if she is going to eat my dick. She pulled off my shorts and take my fully erected dick in hands when the first bell rings.

Her soft hands give me a massage and I enjoyed it until the next bell rings. It was the time to fuck her mouth and I have done it like a pro. I somehow managed to hold my cum up to the third bell against her erotic suck.

When the third bell rings Ranjali pushed me on the floor and removed her pants and panty. Her beautiful cleanly shaved pussy give me more hardness. It was the first real pussy I have seen in my life. She didn’t waste much time and directly inserted my dick into her pussy by sitting on my lap. She was jumping and jumping on my dick.

Initially, it was tight and become easier when she leaked her juices. Her juices flowing down through my rod and balls. In her high-intensity fucking, she is slipping away from me so I supported her by holding her hands. Although her efforts are good I tolerate it with ease. Bro on the other side can’t able to hold and hence surrendered to Shobha and ejected his load deep into her tight pussy.

Once finished Shobha informed it to Sumana, she then checks out the pussy for confirmation and announced us as qualifiers. So the next game is between Dad and Son, in other words, it is between two wives of my dad. Although I am happy about the qualification I feel shameful to do this with mom. The atmosphere got disturbed a while and finally, I agreed when mom herself convinced me to join her.

Shobha this time kneel down in front of her husband whereas I stand naked in front of my own mom. I got thriving confidence when mom gives a killing look at my dick. She starts jerking it slowly when the bell rings. The jerking becomes more intense and my opinion towards mom turned erotic. I enjoyed her actions with closed eyes and this continued up to the second bell.

Mom takes my dick in the mouth without hesitation and started blowing it like one I have seen in porn. Although her sucking provokes my cum I somehow managed to calm down it. It was the time for the third bell means the time for pussy fucking.

Mom lifts her saree up to show her hairy pussy to her son. She sat on my lap and directed my dick to her hot hole. I am so lucky that time because the only second pussy I am going to fuck belongs to my own mom. I was gone deep into my birthplace and the heat there take me to heaven.

She is jumping on me with all possible efforts but failed to do it faster. Although I supported her by holding hands her age factor plays a vital role. I and dad hold our cum up to the fourth bell.

The next actions were really shocking as we have to fuck the assholes. I was feared a lot but mom told me that she is ready to take me inside. She turned around and stood like a dog. I beat her buttocks with my dick and made it wet with saliva and her pussy juice.

She stretched her hole with both of her hands and told me to go inside. It was so tight that both of us feel pain. Mom cried literally and her cry made me a little nervous. She again told me not to worry about her.

But I decided to quit and hence give her a couple of strong strokes to leak my cum inside her ass. When I stood up Sahana came and inspected for the cum and announced Mom-Dad as winners. I feel happy in my parent’s success.


As all of us enjoyed each game, the two girls remain out of it. Hence Ranjali announced the third game for them to enjoy. She became herself as a judge and selected my mom as her companion. The game is about the orgasm test of two untouched pussies.

The two girls lay on the sofa and the two judges take their position. I and Bro are invited to help them. Each of us should select one to do the actions. Bro selected Sahana and hence I remained with my future wife Sumana.

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