First night with Sujatha – 3

First night with Sujatha - 3

With that, I pushed my Lund inside her pussy and it moved to some distance. and the same is happening again and again. I was fucking her hard. she is screaming with pain and shouting. Pls, stop. I can’t bare this.

I didn’t stop even though she is paining and started to insert my Lund into her pussy. after 5-8 min of struggle finally, it went deeper into her pussy. Ohh god what a pleasure I was having. Her cunt is so hot and my Lund feels very warm inside her pussy. She got tears in her eyes due to the pain and finally she is enjoying my fucking now. I started to and fro action into her pussy. she is feeling more pleasure now.

Meanwhile, I was kissing all her body and she said
Sujatha: Varun literally saying “you are more than my husband now. First time I was having such a pleasure. I don’t leave you from today. u have to fuck me.

Me: Sujatha I’m in heaven now. now I’m saying that I will daily come to you and fuck you. you are my illegal wife. What a sexy angel you are. what a body you have got.

Sujatha: okay don’t waste time. fuck me hard now. Fuck me hard.
I started to increase my pace and my Lund is almost touching her cunt end every time and we both are in heaven. after 10-15 of deep fucking, I released loads of my cum inside her pussy.

With that, she has become completely mine and after cumming, I fell in her boobs and took some rest. after some time we both cleaned our bodies and wear our dresses and reached our bus parking area. we both went into the bus and by closing the door I kissed her lips very hard and pressed her waist like no tomorrow. I want to fuck u again.
Sujatha: fuck me pls. u have cum early before me. .i have enough satisfied by u but want more than this. pls, fuck me.
Me: Hey this is not the right place to do so. if any of the students or teachers come and see us like this. it will become an issue for u.
Sujatha: that’s true but I can’t leave u. I want u. Come and fuck me more.
Me: Suji doesn’t tempt me more. I will fuck u tomorrow in your own bed.
Sujatha: Is it real??
Me: yeah. tomorrow by 8: Pm I will come to your house and won’t leave u till next day night.
Sujatha: Ahhh super. I will make arrangements then.

With that, she came close to me and we both kissed each other’s lips. she sat in my couch and held my hand inside her jacket. this happened for some time and after 1hr all the students came the bus moved to our home. Meanwhile, I was thinking of our fucking session.

At last, we reached home and that night I haven’t get sleep and desperately want to fuck her. at the same time, she called me and asked me to come to her home. so I went to her by saying my mom that I am going for my friend’s village.

As I went there her house doors are opened and went straightly into the home and closed the doors. She held me with her both hands from my backside and started kissing me. I twisted her hands to see her beauty and I got shocked to see her in a white saree with lily flower.

Me: Ohh god. you are dressed like a sex angel. today definitely we will have 7 to 8 sessions.
Sujatha: 8 sessions aren’t enough. this is our first night.
Me: first night. so what has that happened in the forest yesterday (said with smiles)
Sujatha: that’s unofficial. this is the official first night.
Me: so don’t waste our time and let’s have fun on the bed.

With that, I lifted her with my hands and threw her on the bed and fell on her body. I kissed all over her body and removed her saree.
Sujatha: Can I make u more tempted towards me.
Me: Ummm…

With that, she removed my pant and underwear and saw my dick. by seeing that she got shocked and said
Me: Ohh what a big penny u have got. this shows how much u got tempted towards my body. Fuck me as hard as you can.

She kept my Lund with her right hand and kept it on her mouth. With that, I am in heaven completely and controlling myself not to ejaculate quickly. She was licking my cock with passionately and after 3 min of sucking, I was uncontrollable and released my cum in her mouth. she swallowed half the cum and cleaned later. later we both went into the bathroom and had a bath and came to bed nude.

I kissed on her cunt and licked it for some time. she got fully aroused with that and pulled me towards her boobs and said
Sujatha: fuck me pls. make me pregnant.

With that, I started to fuck her and this happened for almost 30 min. in that day I almost fucked her 9 times and I enjoyed every inch of her body. the same thing happened every day and we both are doing that whenever we wanted.

At least once a day I used to fuck her. She got pregnant many times and we both had a child. Till now I would have fucked her thousands of times.

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