How I Fucked my Desi Sexy Irresistible Maid Maya


I am Sagar, age 20 from Delhi. This is a story about How I Fucked my Desi Sexy Irresistible Maid Maya! I am a frequent reader of FSI and I love reading exotic stories.

It all happened last year. We had a maid and she was perfect in her work but due to some reason we fired her. We all had to do some house work since then.
Cutting to the chase we had hired new maid and she was damn sexy.
Her name was Maya. She was only 25 years of age. She had a fair complexion and a beautiful face. She had perfect size of 32 26 34 and from the day I saw her I wanted to fuck her ever since but because of my shy nature wasn\’t able to take a step forward. She had an irresistible ass, perfectly round in shape.

Then my glory days began. My parents were out for a weekend for marriage. She came regularly everyday at 8:00 in morning and left at 6:00 pm. In mean time she took care of every thing.
1st two days I did nothing and she came did her work and left. On 3rd day I gathered courage and told her that leave cleaning of house today and she could join me for a movie. She said no but I forced and told that its okay you can do rest of work tomorrow.

We both sat on sofa for a movie. I purposely selected a movie which had some intimate scenes. During those scenes I looked at her and she gave shy smiles.

After movie we began to chat I asked her abt her past that being such beautiful how she ended up being maid. She told that her parents had died in an accident and she had to take care of her younger sister and had to work to make a living.
I showed some sympathy bt didn\’t had any courage to take any steps. She then continued her work and left as usual.
I wasn\’t able to sleep that night and kept on thinking about her. The next day she came and began making breakfast bt I was very sleepy and woke up in noon. I greeted her good morning and she laughed and told to look at the time. I had my lunch and was watching TV and she came near me and asked me if she could stay at my home tonight and told reason that her sister had gone out with her friends and she was afraid of sleeping in her home alone.
I was shocked and excited at the same time and said no problem with a smile.
Then she went home to take some of her stuff and I kept on imagining about her.
She came back with a towel and some clothes to wear at night and asked me if she could take a bath here. I said okay as she wishes. At night after having a long chat while dinner she went for a bath and I couldn\’t resist myself to see her naked. Just the thought of this made my dick hard. I went near bathroom and peeked through the key hole but could only see blurred body coz of hot shower. I was disappointed and left. After few mins she called me to hand over her towel and clothes. The clothes were only her Bra and Underwear. I smelt her underwear and got an instant hard on. (O that amazing smell) I went near bathroom and shouted that I am hanging her stuff on the door to which she said that door is open , come in and keep them inside.
I was so excited and went in to keep her clothes but still out of luck as she was still showering and I couldn\’t see her except blurred.

As I was about to leave and turned around she caught my hand and pulled me in and without any explanation landed a soft lustful kiss on my lips.(they were the hell of soft lips)
I don\’t know what I was thinking and stopped and asked her what was this.she said that she didn\’t had sex since years and she wanted someone badly. I said that I might not be able to satisfy her lust as this was my 1st time. She didn\’t mind that and told that its not a problem.

With that said I kissed her on her lips for few mins and she undressed me and started sucking my cock. I lasted jst for 4-5 mins as I haven\’t masturbated since 4 months coz I got caught while watching porn. She drank all my cum. We both took a quick shower and I lifted her and threw her in the bed. She taught me \”facesit\” where she sat on my face and I had to lick and suck her pussy. I could barely breath in that position but I enjoyed it and she cummed all over my face. I drank all that heavenly juice.

Then i grabbed her boobs and started sucking them and she moaned softly. I sucked them for few mins then we switched to 69 position. She sucked my dick like a pro and jst by seeing her on top of me made me more and more horny. As she was about to cum she locked my head with her legs and pushed my head towards her pussy.

We took a break and then started another session. I was sooo excited that I forcely pushed my cock into her pussy and it went all the way in with her screaming. It felt very amazing and warm that I didn\’t wanted to stick out my dick. I then fucked her slowly gradually increasing my speed. Then we did cowgirl position and she rode my dick real well. She was like bouncing on me and I was joining the rythm.

Then I wanted to go for doggy style and started humping and fucking her from behind and she moaned pationately. I fucked her in every way I had imagined. She even told me that I was the best she ever had.

It was 4:00 in the morning and we both were very exhausted and without cleaning went to sleep naked in each others arms.

We kept this up everyday and even after my parents came back we did it whenever we got chance.

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