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I was having coffee I got a call from my sweet SUNNY LEONE my client… (not the actress) read my debut story to know about her…

SL: hi
me: hello
SL: are you free
me: at ur service
SL: haha can v talk
me: ya sure
SL: where are you
me: home
SL: k straight point can u give ur awesome services to my friend tonight at a hotel…
me: was on cloud 9 hearing so that my services were so good she started to recommend me.
me: hey sry night services like is impossible.. hope u understand…
SL: oh great.. then full night booked.. tell home that ur night out with friends.. and catch me.
me fine, thx .. u in few mins.

me: hi yup I’m ready
SL: great txt u detail bye.. have fun.. (little blah blah too)

I got a call from a girl she asked about my availability that night. Actually, I was confused and asked who r you and stuff she cut call…
I was like busy cuz I got new client got ready and checked my WhatsApp later realised it was the same no I got called 10 min ago, I was shocked what to do.. so I called that number no response so called SL back explained situation she said to relax .. she will inform & let me know
I was waiting every min was like an hour to me thinking what would have happened all.. after few minutes I got a text from SL. HAVE FUN MUAHAHAHA
immediate I got a call from that number.

later reached hotel the park near mg road…
Crosschecked the room no for 3 times and I knocked the door. a charming lady opened the door and to my surprise, she was goddamn sexy. I was waiting at the door for her response.

She welcomed me with a warm smile on her face. We had our introductions. She said that she has been married for past two years to a trader, he was out of town. She was around 30 I guess of course I love to fuck elder women. The girl came and sat close to me and placed her hand on my thigh and told she liked me and kissed my cheeks. I was becoming hornier as she moved her hands around ma pennies. We both hugged each other and started smooching we smooched for around fifteen minutes.

Her face and structure was very much similar to my ex-girlfriend only difference she was 23 year .. but look wise both were too innocent and too sexy. We moved to bed she removed my t-shirt and I removed her kurta top, I was over her, the warmth of her body made me forget everything.

She inserted her hand into ma pant and got a hold of my balls it was bit hurting as she was playing with that roughly. I said “ sweetheart, slow it down, it’s all yours …” she said “ how can I slow down baby, you are too sexy to play slow” she removed my pant and I helped her remove her.My penis bulged just like anything, she kissed that over ma brief and slowly removed ma brief. I was kind of current running in my body and she started blushing she kissed that again and took that in her mouth after around 10 minutes I precum inside her mouth.

We licked each other had some wine and smoke. She was telling about her experience with hubby, stroking my pennies, kissing my neck, she slept with her removed her panty and started fucking her. After 15 minutes she cum on with huge moan…. she said SL INFORMED & SHARED her experience with her what she had wit me… so her dream was to ride me…

After that, she asked I want them though and wild sex of her life but quick & fast.. so I kissed her biting her lips.. squeed her nipple…
pinched her navel.. den moved to her garbed her hips like a hungry dog eats & licked her pussy… she begged cant control stop lick her & fuck her… so I short full speed I insert my 6.5 inches dick in her tight pussy.. she almost lost her breath and rammed her like hell… no other day I leave, after 20 mins v collapsed.

she said she wanna have a date with me.I helped her wearing her bra and her dress, she was looking too gorgeous. We went to a dominos nearby, I was feeling like I am with ma girlfriend, a random guy passed a comment saying cute pair. She was blushing, she asked about my girlfriend, I explained my story, she told about her love and due to her parent’s pressure she needed left him and marry this trader. We had some pizzas and left the place.

We took walk and returned to the hotel, I slowly undressed her, had some foreplay, she said let’s have wine in a new way and started pouring it on her breast slowly, red wine on her white complexion was looking like this scene is not from this earth. I started sucking that, after that I took the bottle and had a mouthful of wine and transferred to her mouth, aww that was too romantic. Both did this until we emptied the bottle. We both were quite high, we shared a single cigarette, she was looking like an angel in the backdrop of smoke.

Wine and cigarettes started to take their toll we both were high and horny.
She played some fast Hindi beats of Emraan Hashmi, we started dancing fully nude, I checked the refrigerator took some deserts we moved back to the bedroom. I sat between her legs, we started exchanging ice cream in our mouth, she pasted some cream to my penis and licked that. I put some more on her soft white breasts, chocolate ice cream on the white breast was looking too delicious. He sucked her breast too hard she was moaning like a hell, she inserted some cream into her pussy and said that her husband never licked her pussy.

He grabbed her and started licking her pussy and licked her so hard she cum inside my mouth within 3 minutes. Mouth full of a cocktail of chocolate and her juices I was on cloud nine. I felt like to fuck a cunt filled with ice cream, I refilled her cunt with ice cream and inserted ma dick in her it was bit slippery, she grabbed my dick to the right position and hugged me tightly I slowly started drilling her hole

It was a totally different experience to fuck a cunt filled with ice cream, I started sucking her breasts again, they were giving a whole new smell by being with ma saliva, wine and ice cream for a long time, which was making me more intoxicating. I started increasing my speed, she was moaning “ aahhh Shankar hard baby, harder “finally we both came together after ten minutes. I made love to her 2 more times that night.

At morning I was ready to leave, she gave me a warm hug and a gentle kiss and she asked wats ur pay. I said it left to her.. ur satisfaction & happiness depends.. she laughed and it impossible to pay her so much she was satisfied to the core… den she gave a bundle of notes, I was like hell shock this too much. she said this nothing she got happiness of 5yrs in one night…

before leaving I said to quit smoking… it’s only for u I smoked. I don’t smoke.. its injurious to health…
she: I promise I won’t u took away my depreciation.. so..( she threw the pack which had few cigs). I waved bye & left the hotel

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