Accidental sex with newly wed Bhabhi Part 3

Accidental sex with newly wed Bhabhi Part 3

It was a heavenly feeling to me. I could see some wet drops coming out from parted line bottom. Which was an indication that she was on her high and fully excited. I placed my mouth in between her thighs. I parted away her thigh and pussy partition a little bit more open but still, pussy was closed. I used my thumb to open pussy lips and a somehow pink portion of pussy could be seen. I heard before married women pussy opened but this kind of no sign was here in Disha’s pussy. I could see the white pussy juice drops. I placed my tongue in pussy partition and licked towards the bottom to the top of the partition.

She was like pressing my head on pussy and pressing my head with her thighs. I kept sucking pussy and upper pussy nipples and she was moaning heavily. I could feel the salted test of pussy juice but it was good to taste and I kept licking her pussy and licking her pussy upper nipple. Now I put my 1 finger in the bottom of pussy partition and tried to insert it slowly. I managed to insert a maximum of 10 millimeters and then started screaming and holding my finger with her hand not to take it inside. I also not inserted it more and just keep moving only 10 millimeters in & out to pussy. She was enjoying it a lot and moving her hips consistently.

I performed this exercise for 15 minutes and I laid down on the bed straight. Now, this is her turn again. She kissed me on the lips and sat near to my legs and initiated the removal of my brief. I helped her and lifted his hip and my brief was out and my 7-inch brown cock was shivering in full erection. When she saw her eyes were wide open. I was confused why she seems surprised it is smaller than Sunil Bhaiya’s cock? But when she placed her hand and closed it with one hand. She was looking to hold an iron 1-inch thick rod. She keep moving her hand on cock and allow herself to bend over it and opened her mount to take the upper thicker head of cock.

Firstly she touched cock head with her tongue and slowly gulped the cock length. I could see half length of cock was inserted in her mouth and she kept moving her head up and down on my cock. It was like mouth fucking. She did it well. I tried to insert the full length into her mouth but she resisted taking it fully. Might be she could not be able to take it fully. She then moved to touch the balls and started licking the lower balls and taking them one by one in her mouth. I enjoyed it like heaven feeling. I closed my eyes and was enjoying her licking skills of balls and cock. She then laid on the bed and We again hugged each other tightly and the heat was flowing from our bodies. My cock was hitting her pussy and she opened her thigh and pressed my cock in between her thigh. We were kept remained in this situation for a few minutes. Then she stood and brought up a hair serum bottle. I stood and came in between her legs and I parted her legs wide.

Then she took some serum liquid and applied it gently on her pussy partition and some serum inside the partition walls. She again took a few amounts of serum from the bottle and placed it on my cock thicker head and drenched my entire dick with serum. She cleans up her hands with her panty. Now she folded her legs and opened both legs wide. I get inside the space of her legs. Now my dick was a few millimeters away from her pussy hole. Still, her pussy hole was not clearly visible. She then parted her pussy lips wide and allow to show her pussy hole. She said “insert very very slow, do not fully insert in one go,” I said “ok”. She then guided me to put my cock head on pussy hole. She kept open her pussy lips with her fingers. I gently placed cock head on pussy small hole.

Once cock head is placed on the hole, pussy hole is covered fully with cock head. Then she adjusted my cock head a little bit lower side on pussy partition. I also did not make a hurry and just waited for her next orders to proceed. She then opened her pussy hole more by stretching the partition. Now she said push very very slow. I nodded my head and initiate movement slowly. A half inch of the head was just inserted in her pussy. She stopped me to move ahead. I stopped. Then she again asked me to push a little bit more. I obeyed and pushed a little harder thus my cock head was 90% inserted in her pussy. She screamed in pain. Asked to remove cock from pussy it was paining her heavily. I took out cock. She then relaxed and covered her pussy with her both hands. We tried this way multiple times but she was facing extreme pain.

Finally, she took the decision to insert the whole cock in one go. She again lubricated her Pussy well and again placed serum lubricant on my cock. She was aware this decision going to pain her a lot but she was also frustrated with little pain and excitement was full-on high to her and also to me. Now she parted her legs and I came down on her and she hold my cock it and placed on her pussy hole and I can feel my cock head placed in the right position. She then said slowly “Please enter it on one thrust”.

I did the same and pushed harder and my 60% cock length was inside her pussy and she started crying in pain I managed to hold it till 60% and did not insert more and she was crying “ I’m having too much pain”. I kept sucking her boobs gently and sucking her nipples. After 6 minutes she felt no pain and was allowed to insert the whole cock into her pussy. I inserted my cock 7 inches inside her pussy and started to slide in and slide out.

Now she felt relaxing and I asked are you feeling still pain. She said no pain and I am very much enjoying your cock in my pussy. Now she was also pushing my cock from the downside. After 20 minutes of sex session in missionary position, she hold me harder and said “I’m cumming” then in just a few seconds she got relaxed. I pumped a few more seconds and was about to come then took my cock out of her pussy and cummed outside of pussy. So this was my first encounter with Disha Bhabhi. This was just the beginning of sex with her and we had a good time with each other. I will come again and will brief you on the further story of Disha and mine.

to be continued soon …


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