Accidental sex with newly wed Bhabhi Part 2

Accidental sex with newly wed Bhabhi Part 2

After a few minutes, I said “ sorry Bhabhi pls forgive me, and pls don’t tell anyone about this incident” then she said “sit on the bed” I did exactly the same and sat on the bed 2 feet away from her. After a few seconds, she stood and came in front of me and sat on her knees. I was afraid “ is she going to slap me hard”. This was a sudden feeling I had. But her reaction was completely opposite beyond our imagination. She hold my hands and said looking at her eyes. I tried to look at her eyes, she was looking calm now and there was no anger that can be seen in her eyes which was a few minutes ago.

She said suddenly “ why do you never express these feelings with me”. I was like what the hell is this? I was never thought of this reaction from her. I had no words to reply. She again repeated, “ Sanu, why have you never shared your feelings with me”. I got little courage from her words still I was quiet. She again said slowly “you are grown up and I can understand your feelings for girls/women and it happens with each teenage. You should share your feeling with me”. I was just started feeling her perfume and looking at her lips. Now she sat just near to me in bed and we touched each other. She was in a saree. She now put one hand on my shoulder while the other was pressing my thigh slowly. She again repeated, “why are you so nervous and quiet”. Finally, I replied, “bhabhi you are so beautiful, I love you and I imagine you always”. She hold my face and turned towards her face. I could see the smile on her face after my reply. She suddenly said, “even I love you and I like you too”.

She suddenly hugged me. My ear was pressing her medium size boobs and the heavy perfume fragrance from her saree was choking my breath. It was an unexpected situation for me and I was like the luckiest guy on earth. She lifted my face towards her and her red lipstick lips came near to my lips to meet. She just placed her lips on mine. And automatically my lips moved on her lips and we both passionately kissed each other. I saw her face, her eyes were closed and she was kissing my lips. Now she started licking my lower lip and shifted to my upper lips. Now I tried to insert my tongue into her mouth, but she slightly opened her mouth and licked my tongue. Now it was her turn, she inserted her tongue in my mouth and we both had a long kissing session. Now I parted myself and tried to clean up my lips which were colored in her lipstick hopefully.

She relaxed me by giving naughty smile and she stood and moved towards the door. She locks the door handle completely by assuring no sound. The door was locked from the inside. She turned and came to me and allow me to sit on the bed properly. I did the same. She then allow me to lay on the bed I laid on the bed. She also lay on the bed and hugged me tightly. My face was in between her boobs and my cock was pressing her saree folds on my belly.

We again had a kiss session and then she placed her hand on my cock which was fully erected. She started to press it over short and the kiss was on. After the kiss, she sat on the bed while I was still laid straight and my cock was straight towards the roof due to erection. She pull off her saree from her body and threw it on the floor now she was in her blouse and petticoat. I can see her fair stomach belly. She then unhooks her blouse and put it aside. Then she opened the knot of her petticoat from the hips. The knot opened and she slide down the petticoat from her legs and put it on also side.

A gorgeous toned body was in front of me. She was just in her Green Color lingerie. Her thighs are well muscled, full fleshy, and she was thin strip panty so her leg side can be seen fully including her puffy and clean legs without a single hair. Her underarms were shaved. I was staring her each body part. She was an angel in lingerie and it was not a dream but a reality. Now she touched my crotch above my shorts. She was smiling and providing naughty feelings by doing so. She then hold the shorts and asked me to lift my hips to slide it down. I obeyed and my shorts were out of my body. Now she asked to remove my T-shirt.

I removed my T-shirt and my bare chest and shivering chest nipples could be seen by her. I was in my brief only. She come on top of me and sat on my stomach and started kissing my ear lobe, neck moving towards my chest, and kissing my pointed nipples. I was in full heat like fever. She kissed both my nipple and moved down to my belly hole kissing. It was like a dog kissing all the body with a tongue. She was the same licking my body parts. Now she unhooked her bra and partially ripped medium size well shaped boobs out of the cage. She was such a beauty that each body part was so exciting. Two brownish nipples OMG on medium-size boobs were amazing. She then hold my hand and placed both hands on her boobs and allow to press those boobs. Initially, she helped to hold my hands and provided the message to press them harder.

The message went correct and I started pressing my boobs hard, she started moaning while sitting on my thighs. I ensured the boob was pressing and kept pressing them like a tennis ball. I allow her to lay down on the bed and now I was on top of her and directed towards boobs to kiss and lick. I started to kiss her brownish nipple one by one. Then I open my mouth wider and took half of her boobs in my mouth. She hugged my head tightly and moaned heavily.

I kept sucking her boobs for a few minutes one by one. She enjoyed my act a lot. She tried to see me in the situation when I was sucking her boobs it was an unmatchable feeling for her and for me of course. Now I was commander to kiss & lick her belly naval. I was licking her naval which fascinated her to hold my head and lift her hips continuously. I licked her thighs and inner thighs by parting her legs apart. Her crotch was drenched and could be seen from the outside layer of the panty. Now I hold the panty elastic from her hips and she helped to lift her hips up to slide it down. I removed the panty from her hips and she was completely naked. Her clean shaved pussy with a parted line in between pussy lips.

to be continued soon …


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