Unsatisfied village aunty

Unsatisfied village aunty

Hello readers my name is David (name changed) I live in a village where most of the people are illiterate and work on farms whereas I studied computer science engineering in the city and have good knowledge about technical things. More about me I am a well-built guy 5’9 and I have a 7-inch long tool. So coming to the incident which happened two years ago when I had come to my hometown in holidays, as usual, I was sitting at my home when my mom called me and said that my neighbor aunt has come and she needed some help to fix her phone I went out to talk to her she was a bit on the fatter side she is in her mid-30s and had huge melons but she had a bit dark complexion.

As I was talking with her I was looking at her melons and I had a boner at that time while talking she said that the internet on her phone is not working and she asked me to help her with it. As the internet was a new thing in our village and most of the recently started using it I wanted to know what’s on her phone so I thought of a plan and asked her to leave her phone at my place and then I would return it to her I said it would take some time to find the issue with her phone. She agreed happily and left after talking to my mom. When I checked her phone I saw that the airplane mode was turned on that’s why the internet was now working and she didn’t know about this later I decided to check her WhatsApp chats with her husband because he was working abroad when I opened the chats I was shocked to see that he was sending her various porn site links and videos.

I instantly got a boner looking at that then I began searching for her nudes but got disappointed coz I didn’t find any because I saw they used to talk on video calls most of the time. Then I went to check her browser history where I found out that she was interested in younger guys and she used to watch them most of the time. Her husband comes home once in two years for a few weeks so I thought she was craving sex. Here I made up my mind to sleep with her so I decided to give it a try I went to her home which is in the middle of the fields where they grow sugarcane and there are no houses nearby and it was not visible to anyone because it’s a big land and she lived alone there.

I went to her house she welcomed me and asked me to come inside she made tea for me and we were speaking casually she was asking about my studies I asked her about her husband and random stuff. I was looking at her boobs most of the time and she noticed me doing that a few times but she was fine with it as if she was enjoying it. I knew that she was interested in younger guys so I decided to take advantage of it. I had a boner and it was visible in my shorts I wanted her to notice that so I didn’t cover it as soon as she saw the bulge in my shorts she got excited and gave me a naughty look I asked her what happened she said nothing and went inside to keep the glass.

When she returned I noticed that her nighty buttons were open to giving me a clear look at her melons and she was bending intentionally for me to look at her cleavage this continued for a while then she suddenly asked if I have a girlfriend or not I said her no aunty not yet I didn’t get anyone yet she asked me what type of girls do u like for that I hesitantly replied I liked girls who are older than me for that she gave me a naughty smile. I decided not to miss this chance and I asked about her browser history I said that I’ve seen that she watches porn almost every day for that she was shocked and begged me not to tell to anyone for that I said its common nowadays everyone watches it she asked me whether I watch it or not for that I said yes then she started talking about her sex life how she did not have sex in years and she was craving for it.

I asked her whether we can watch porn together or not. She readily agreed to it. I quickly opened a porn site on my phone and put a video where a young boy fucks an aunt I looked at her face and saw that she was enjoying it. Then suddenly she looked at me and I was looking at her we stared at each other for a moment and went forward to kiss her. At first, she hesitated a bit, and then even though she was responding she wasn’t a very good kisser but I was enjoying each and every moment of it.

Then we stopped kissing after 10 mins and I looked at her and then gently kissed her neck and I was rubbing her back she was giving slight moans and was enjoying it then she asked me to remove my clothes. As I did she was looking at me with excitement and was shocked to see my 7-inch dick she came close and she was touching it. after a while she started stroking it she said she wanted to suck it as it was shown in porn and she took my whole dick in her mouth and was sucking it from top to bottom I was on cloud 9 at that time she was going on sucking it she didn’t stop till I cummed her mouth and she drank every drop of it.

Now it was my turn I removed her nighty and was surprised to see she had nothing inside other than underwear she said she doesn’t like to wear anything because she was alone at home. I noticed her panties were already wet and dripping and her huge boobs were jiggling in front of me. I quickly grabbed one and put the other one in my mouth and was sucking she was moaning loudly in pleasure. I sucked those for a while then I moved down towards her panties which were soaked in precum and I removed it and her unshaven pussy it was not that hairy it was just perfect then I sucked her clit she has a huge moan and said that her husband never did that to her.

She was enjoying it and she asked me to suck harder she ran her hands through my hair and was pushing my head towards her she was enjoying every bit of it I didn’t stop sucking until she had an orgasm. She said she never had an orgasm before that and was very happy now she wanted me to fuck her so badly. I said that I don’t have any condoms she said there is no need for any condoms because the doctor had told her that she couldn’t get pregnant ever in her life.

I was so happy listening to this that I kept my dick at her pussy rubbed it a few times and pushed it inside in just one stroke she screamed in pain because it was a bit tight and asked me to do it slower than I slowly started giving little strokes slowly she was enjoying it I fucked her for an hour straight and was about to cum I noticed her even she was about to reached orgasm. So I increased my pace and she had an orgasm and even I cummed inside her. after that inside we had sex a couple of times when I was on my vacation and then we used to talk over texts.

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